Sisterhood's gonna get ya....


Herstory (n):

In feminist discourse the term refers to history (re-stated as "his story"), it is a narrative of past events written from a feminist perspective.


NEW!! (Jan 2010)We reorganized our pages so that we could make room for MOORRRRRRRRRE. Just added is a full page (with MP3!) on our New Years Resolution Campaign. But don't worry, everything else that you've already known and loved is still right here. Click on any of the links below to find out about the events that have affected our community, our reponses to them, our thoughts about them and our own campaigns of resistance + solidarity + "vigilantism" ;)

Garneau and Aspen Gardens Assaults
Millwoods Assaults
Question Campaign
New Years Resolution Campaign

PS - We love this stencil and photo! Not sure where credit's deserved - just know that it's located somewhere in our lovely hometown of Edmonton. Email us if it's yours!