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We know that it's common for people who have experienced a sexual assault to feel alone in what they're going through. It can be difficult to reach out and find support, especially because sexual assault is not often talked about within mainstream culture or even among trusted friends or family. For anyone who is dealing with the aftermath of a sexual assault, or just having a hard time dealing with rape culture in general, please do email us with your thoughts ( and we'll be there for you in whatever way we can. That said, email can be slow and we want to make sure that people get the full support they need. The agencies below are there exactly for that purpose - to provide support, care, and advocacy. Please note that we're not affiliated with these agencies in any way, but we have heard positive things about them:

The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton
Information: 780-423-4102
24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 780-423-4121

Edmonton Distress Line
24 Hour Crisis Line: 780-423-4357
*The distress line is a supportive listening service for any type of personal crisis, including sexual assault. They will also take calls from people who have used abusive behaviors and want to change*

University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre
*See website or call for hours of operation.*

Resources for Trans and Intersex survivors of sexual assault

Other brilliant groups organizing around rape culture and violence

Communities against rape and abuse

Sista ii Sista

Incite Women of Colour Against Violence (amazing resources found here 

CUAV-Community United Against Violence


Sisters in Spirit
Men Can Stop Rape