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New Years Resolution Campaign 2010

After way way too many emails coming from women in the Garneau/Whyte Ave area dealing with Peeping Toms, acquintance assaults, and rape culture in general, we thought we throw them a shout out! ;). To address the things we can all do to prevent and combat sexual assault. We love that just by respecting our partners' boundaries and calling our friends out when they're acting in a way that isn't cool, a huge difference can be made. It's the idea that we don't have to be hereos, we just have to be willing to stand up and do something different. And of course, it's putting the responsibility for preventing sexual assault on the offender, and on the community (where it belongs!), rather than on the survivors. A copy of our "Public Service Announcement" is below. Much love!
xoxo The Sisterhood
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Public Service Announcement

This is a reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Garneau Sisterhood to not sexually assault anyone this year! If you're having a hard time coming up with some New Years Resolutions, we're here to assist you!

Here are some examples you may want to choose from:

I will brush up on the meaning of consent
I won't use booze to get into someone's pants
I won't peep if I'm walking by someone's window
I won't expect intimacy, or use pressure, threats, or bribes to get sex
I won't laugh at my friends' sexist jokes... or support a sense of humor that relies on the degradation of others
I will respect people's sexual choices, identities, and boundaries

This year if I am the only one who wants sex, I will have sex for one
And this year, I will find my own way to combat rape culture and fear

Happy New Year!  Love from the Garneau Sisterhood!

PS: Look for us in the Jan 17 edition of Vue Weekly!! And thankyou to CJSR for playing our Public Service Announcement :)