Sisterhood's gonna get ya....

Following the recent sexual assaults in Millwoods (see the page "Millwoods Assaults" for more details), some of us got together to discuss what had happened. We want to be honest in that we do feel conflicted about the police response in this particular case. As a group with many voices, we have a number of different thoughts about police warnings in general.

However, the other things that came out of our discussion were:
- supporting critique of police and other responses in order to stimulate discussion
- reframing the sensational, victim-blaming and stranger-rape-focused way media and police talk about assaults
- questioning police as the main authority/agents/experts that we rely on to respond to assaults
- uncertainty about what we actually do want from the police!!

From all this came a decision to create a poster campaign and online space asking the public about what they might want from the police around sexual assault. Below are some of the questions we'd like to hear your thoughts on. If the form doesn't work for you, feel free to email directly ( It's your decision if you'd like to remain anonymous - just let us know one way or another. We won't publish any names or emails on this website without your explicit consent. Please note that in order to protect the emotional well-being of anyone who may have experienced a sexual assault, and to keep this website a safe space for discussion, we will not post any posts that are derogatory or hurtful in nature.

What do you think about police warnings?
What kind of response would you like to see from police when reporting a sexual assault?
What kind of response would you like to see from your community?
Have you ever reported a sexual assault? why or why not?
What would help you feel more comfortable reporting?
What can we do to lift the silence around offenders we know?

Question Campaign - Responses *Please note that anonymity is the sisterhoods' friend. Do not put your real name or email address unless you want to.*